Thursday, April 16, 2009


Let me tell you about Itgen's, a small family-run restaurant and candy store, here in Valley Stream. They don't excel in haute cuisine but their cheeseburgers are the best this side of the Mississippi and they make their own marshmallow for their marshmallow sundaes. And if you are looking for an old fashioned Lime Rickey, look no further. It's no frills food, hardly worth a mention you might say, and I would agree... except for their eggs.

Itgen's makes their own Easter Eggs, their own Chocolate Easter Eggs, that is. They also make rabbits and all manner of chocolate items for just about any holiday you can think of, but it is their eggs which are so wonderful. First of all they are solid chocolate (and a nice dark chocolate, too). They are made half open so they can be filled with marshmellow chicks, jelly beans, foil wrapped figures and smaller chocolate eggs. Some have sugar rabbits and some have chocolate lollypops, and some have both. They are further decorated with royal icing flowers and brightly colored bows. The egg in my picture is the next size up from the smallest. It was very good...


Ikow Designs said...

Oh my!!! And how long did it take for you to eat that? LOL

I'm Julia said...

it took her exactly 10.4 seconds

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