Saturday, May 30, 2009

Japan Journal

We are in Kyoto and have been here for 5 days now. There are so many beautiful places in this city. However, I think the high light was the day that we were walking around a Shinto shrine and met a young man named Oka from Tokyo who was touring on his own. He couldn't speak much English but we were able to communicate. He asked if we would have our picture taken with him for a remembrance. He was carrying a 3 string instrument and a violin case. He played us a tune on the 3 string instrument and when he saw that we were really taken with his music he presented us with a CD of it. We wanted to pay him but he wouldn't hear of it so I gave him a good luck bell that I had gotten at Mt. Fuji. He seemed very pleases with it.


Sweetland Retreat said...

What a beautiful story!!!

When I was in Assisi, Italy I heard a man playing guitar in the alleys and I SO wish I had bought his cd-- don't know why I didn't! My sister had even specifically told me that if you happen upon a musician in your travels to always get their cd. Well, a reason to go back now, I guess!

I'm Julia said...

I love stories like this. There are always nice people waiting to meet you, no matter where you go.

Victoria Webb said...

Music, like art, is such a great memento from travels...I try to bring back CD's, original art or handicrafts wherever I go. My house is a collection of exotic and fond memories.

Post pics!

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