Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Scam to be aware of...

There's a new scam on the internet that I want to warn all of you about. I'm posting this because the more people that know about it the less who will get taken. Someone I know had their e-mail account hijacked and everyone on it got this letter:  

"Hello How are you doing today?I am sorry i didn't inform you about my urgent trip to the UK,however i need you to do me a favor as soon as you receive this email, lost my wallet where my money and other valuables in a taxi while going back to the hotel from a function,I will need you to help me with a soft loan urgently which i will return as soon as i am back home.I need the sum of $1,950 to sort my hotel bills and get myself back home,I will apprecaite whatever amount you can help me with, I promise to refund you as soon as i am back home,Kindly let me know if you can be of help so i can send you my details to send the money. Lucky for me i still have my passport so Western union will be a good option to get the money over,Kindly get back asap so i can send you my details.Your assistance will be greatly appreciated......Thanks" It was signed with her name. 

It was completely bogus and because it was hijacked, she couldn't get into her account to warn people. If one wrote to her the message went to the hijacker not her. I'm an old hand at spotting scams so, the minute I read it, I knew something was wrong and I called her. She said that not only was she hijacked at gmail but her BF's account at yahoo was hijacked a while ago. So it isn't just a gmail problem. Just wanted all of you to know.

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OOh thanks for the update!

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