Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mushroom Pie

First you head out to the woods and gather a chicken mushroom (Polyporaceae Aphyllophorale). Paul came home with about 8 pounds.

This is what they look like, growing in the woods.
After cleaning (also Paul's job), the mushrooms get sautéed and put into a baking dish. I also add rehydrated dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms. A sauce of thickened cream and Madeira is poured over them; a flaky pie crust goes on the top and the whole is baked for 30 minutes. Add a salad and it serves 6 to 8 people. Add some white wine and I'll join you.

The pie can be made with other kinds of mushrooms.  I like Oyster Mushrooms or edible Boletus. The recipe is in the Gourmet Cook Book, Vol. II. The dried Black Trumpets I buy from Mack Hill Farm. If they haven't any listed for sale, contact them because I know they have been out in the woods picking.


Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms. Didnt our creator make this one look very appetizing?

SuzeesJubileez said...

And those chicken mushrooms really taste like chicken! In fact I am thinking of giving some to a friend who hates mushrooms because when I ate them I couldn't stop saying REALLY this isn't chicken Really?

Melanie Rawlings said...

wow! that looks yummers!! Its great that you know what shooms to pick.

Pamela said...

We don't have the balls to eat the chicken of the woods yet, but we'll get there. Maybe next year! Just chantarelles and boletes for us so far.
Now I've gotta make a pie like that with our next batch!


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