Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene leftovers

I took most of these photos around our house on Sunday afternoon. We were still getting wind gusts up to 40 mph so didn't venture out in the car. The last picture I took today over in Point Lookout which is right on the ocean. It's about 8 miles from us as the crow flies..

The oak tree is still standing.

The milkweed patch is a bit worse for wear.

Across the street and down a few houses from us.

Looking down the street.

We live on a corner - this is looking down the other street.

On a street in Point Lookout.


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Do you have power? We're in setauket I'm stopped in at starbucks to hook up; no power, and our down wires have been ripped right off the house, along with the whole damn meter!

Martha Horman said...

We do have power - actually only lost it for less than a minute (just enough to trigger the alarm beeper to keep me awake). A friend who live about a mile and a half from me is without power. Another friend in Old Bethpage is still without power and they are talking Thursday or Friday before it goes back on. Never heard of the whole meter being ripped out - that's wild.

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