Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy Aftermath

We got our internet connection back around 5:30 PM today. It disappeared Monday around 6:30 PM. We lost power for only 20 hours also so we were very lucky. Paul had the bright idea of turning the heat up very high before the Sandy struck so, when the power was lost and the furnace cut out, we had enough heat to carry us over until the power came back, even though the temperature in the house fell 10 degrees.

We lost about 40 to 60 shingles from the roof. The roofer is coming tomorrow afternoon to replace them.
About half of the damage - more on the other side of the peak.

Below are some pictures from around the neighborhood. These were all taken within two miles of my house. I'll have more pictures tomorrow.

Two Swamp Maples blown over here on Peninsula Blvd.

Down near Hewlett Neck.

Lost six old trees here in the Village Green Park in Valley Stream.

Four blocks from my house a nice old oak tree was toppled.
The line at Radio Shack in Rockville Centre at it's shortest.

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