Monday, July 12, 2010

Breaking News in Valley Stream

Things got a tad exciting again today on my block. You might remember the tree that went down in March; now a electric pole has been cut off at the knees... so to speak. A Valley Stream building maintenance van went out of control and hit the pole. One fellow in the van knocked his knee against something and both men were shaken up, but no real injuries. As a matter of fact, their airbags didn't even deploy.

I didn't get home until after the crash but Paul said it was a loud noise and our house shook. The pole is located in front of the house two doors down from us. We lost power for about a half an hour.

First on the scene

LIPA, the electric company stabilizes the pole

All propped up and our power is back on

Checking the damage

Hitching up the van

And off it goes

As I write this, LIPA is taking out the stump and replacing the pole. Unfortunately, it's too dark to take decent photos and I can't get close enough to make a flash useful. I'll go out and try - if I get anything, I'll post it tomorrow. 


Chris said...

At least the excitement didn't involve you too much. You know that curse "may you have an interesting life!"

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Martha,
Oh dear. It's just lucky no one was hurt!

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dora said...

Martha, you're good whipping out the camera like that. Things happen in front of me and I forget to take pics. Except for my recent NYC adventure, my brain was in my head that day!

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
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