Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tricycle Saga

Back in the beginning of June, I ordered a 5 speed tricycle for myself. I wanted to use it to haul around my art supplies when I went out to do my doings. I thought it could also be handy for hopping over to the super market and of course, the idea of getting a tad more exercise seemed good.

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks later, the gentleman at the bike store called to tell me that the only manufacturer of 5 speed trikes in the USA had discontinued building the 5 speed model. Then he added that I should not give up hope because the gal he had talked to told him that they had been flooded with requests for the 5 speed ever since they had discontinued them. They were thinking about putting them back on the assembly line. She would let him know... he would let me know.

A few weeks after this, the bike man called again and said that they were indeed going to start making them again and, if I still wanted one, it would be ready in September.


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Kristi Smart Romantic Fantasy Coats and Clothing. said...

That looks like so much fun! September is only a few months away.

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