Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida Journal - Nassau, The Bahamas - Part I

We took a short cruise over to Nassau in The Bahamas. Above is a pinwheel sign which was prominent on a building in the downtown section. The sentiment sounded good to me.

The following photos were also taken in the same area which is just a few blocks from the cruise ship docks.

On the main shopping street, most of the buildings are painted pastel colors.

One of the local taxis; there were taxi cabs also if one preferred.

The police (also on the main shopping street).

We took a water taxi from the main dock area over to the Atlantis Hotel/Resort where we were to meet my cousin who lives in Nassau. 

Most of the mail arrives by boat.

The water taxi at the Paradise Island dock.

A Bahamian native who kindly posed for me.

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Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Martha,
Glad you could make it down to Nassau. Hope that Shirley and Al are doing well. I have not been there in several years.

Great photos of downtown. It's a very picturesque little village.

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